Our pigs are provided a balanced diet to meet all of their nutritional needs, in addition to access to clean drinking water at all times.


All of our pigs are fed an ample amount of whey.  Whey is a byproduct from the production of cheese, that is rich in protein.  Whey produces a sweeter, more flavorful pork and the pigs LOVE it!


Our pigs enjoy pasture & woods where they can forage for grasses, roots, fruits, acorns, legumes and anything else they uncover.  We encourage rooting!  No nose rings are used on our pigs.  We over-seed pastures to provide high quality food sources.


Yes, pigs do eat hay.  Since the ground here is frozen through the winter, we supplement with good quality hay.


We grow a lot of food for our pigs and  have also worked out deals with other local farmers for excess fruits and vegetables.  These are good quality (not rotten) and include squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, apples, and lettuce (and much more).  We also have some great customers who drop off their left over garden items for the pigs! (Thank you!)


Although we do not feed a lot of excess bread, we take what is given to us.  We have a local bakery (Heritage Bakery in Chester) who has supplied us with many yummy treats for the pigs! (The pigs thank you and so do we!)   


We provide our pigs with soaked and/or fermented grains - rolled oats, crimped wheat, corn on occasion, and soymeal.  These help with digestion and fiber needs of our pigs.


We also give eggs, silage, expired milk and cream, butter, cereal and other things that are donated to the pigs from various stores and suppliers.  This makes up a very small percentage of their overall diet.

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Pig Roast

Stellafane Farm is now offering full service pig roasts!  Whether you are having a family get-together, a wedding, a birthday, or some other special occasion, we can provide roasting services for your event. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON PIG ROASTS!

Customer Testimonials 2016

"The sausage is awesome. I used it in my stuffing mix with apples! I will always buy from you and I have told several folks about you." - Vanessa

"YES! Awesome! Chops last night. Loins on Sunday. All delicious!" - Jeff

"Just had our first homemade sausage from the half pig we picked up this week. Absolutely delicious!" - Terry


From birth to butcher our pigs are raised on whey and pasture, provided stress-free living, and humanely handled.

The quality of our pork is our reward.

Heritage Breed Pigs

What Our Pigs Eat ...

And we would agree!  We pride ourselves on raising our pigs on pasture, with room to run and play. All of our sows farrow (give birth) on pasture and we do not use confinement stalls, ever!  We believe that pigs who are happy, healthy and well cared for provide New Englanders with quality pork that surpasses anything you can buy in the grocery store, and our customers agree! 

Stellafane Farm does not give any of our pigs hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.  We find that those are not necessary because we utilize a rotational grazing system which provides our pigs fresh pasture and wooded areas often.

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