Loin Chops (boneless)                $8.50
Loin-Chops (bone-in)                    8.00
Pork Roasts (fresh hams)             7.00
Ground Pork                                  7.00
Smoked Bacon                              9.50
Ribs                                                 7.50
Sweet Sausage links                     8.00
Hot Sausage links                         8.00
Breakfast Sausage links              8.00
Kielbasa                                         8.50
Chorizo                                          9.00

*Prices are per pound and subject to availability.

Fresh Hams - $7 per pound

We have a limited supply of fresh hams available for purchase. They range in size from small 3 pound hams for an intimate dinner to large 17 pound hams that are perfect for a large family gathering.  Please email us for availability on hams.  Please note these are not cured. They are fresh. You can brine and smoke to make ham or you can simply cook to make a roast or pulled pork.

Got Pork?

We are currently sold out of a lot of our pork cuts. If you are interested in specific cuts, please email, call or text to see if we have what you are looking for in stock.

We have more pigs that will be going to butcher shortly so let us know if you want to reserve from our next order.

Our price list is below for all individual cuts. We can also do custom bulk packages or if you are looking for a whole or half pig, please see our custom page! 

We keep a limited stock of our pasture & whey fed pork available for buyers.     TO PURCHASE PORK ONLINE CLICK HERE.

 We are licensed (and inspected) through the State of Vermont Department of Agriculture to sell our USDA pork directly from our farm to consumers. We are also licensed to sell at local farmer's markets.

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