Stellafane Farm

**All piglets must pass a health inspection prior to leaving our farm.  Buyers are cautioned to evaluate piglets themselves.  Due to biosecurity of our farm and the health of our herds, we will not accept back piglets that have left our farm.  All piglets are wormed prior to leaving.  If a piglet has been given any other type of medication (which is rare), the buyer will be informed prior to completing the purchase.  All deposits are non-refundable, but if you need to postpone the purchase of a piglet, we would be happy to move your deposit to a future litter.**

Feeder Piglets - piglets dedicated to become meat.   $135

For one reason or another, these piglets were not selected by us to stay on our farm and become our next generation of breeders. To earn a spot as a breeder at Stellafane Farm, piglets must be of exceptional quality.  Every piglet is health checked, evaluated and classified by 8 weeks as either potential breeders or feeder piglets.  There is nothing wrong with these piglets and will make fine meat pigs.  All males sold as feeders are castrated before leaving the farm.  These are meishan cross piglets.

Potential Breed Stock Piglets $150 & up

Occasionally we have more piglets that we have selected as potential breed quality piglets (boars and gilts) than we have spaces for on our farm.  We offer these for sale.  You can select from what we have available yourself, or we can help guide you if you are new to pig breeding.  These are high quality meishan cross piglets.

Piglets for Sale?


Sometimes we have meishan boars, sows or piglets available for purchase. Our meishans come from pure Iowa lines. Please email for availability.

Pork  -  Rabbit - Lamb

Pig Roasting & Catering                               Springfield, Vermont

Yes! We sell piglets.  We have recently changed over our breeding stock to focus on Meishan pigs and Meishan crosses for pork and litter production. We run short every year on piglets to sell and sell out before we run out of buyers.  If you are looking for top quality piglets to raise for potential breeders or feeders, please reserve early.  Reservations are filled in the order they are received, as piglets become available. TO PLACE DEPOSITS ONLINE CLICK HERE.

Piglet Prices