Stellafane Farm


In addition to running our own full-time farm, we are also caterers! Let us provide farm-to-table catering for your next special event, wedding or get-together!  Check out our catering and pig roasting page here!

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Pig Roasting & Catering                               Springfield, Vermont

Our Farm

We also raise and sell Dwarf Nigerian Goats.  We have Chickens, Guinea Hens, and working dogs - Belgian Malinois. Our farm is currently operating from 2 permanent locations in Springfield and we also have some leased land in Springfield as well that we use for our pigs to graze.

What makes us different?

Our pigs are raised on rotational pastures and wooded grounds where they are free to run and play, dig for bugs and roots, and wallow in mud pits when they are hot.  We provide them open-air structures to allow them to get out of the sun, rain and snow.  All of our sows farrow on pasture and raise their piglets with the herds.  We believe in the most natural, and least restrictive, way possible to raise pigs.... and our pork demonstrates our success!  Happy Pigs = Delicious Pork!

What do our pigs eat?

Our pigs spend most of their days (and nights) rooting around, eating what we plant for them and what they find on their own!  We seed our pastures with special mixes that give our pigs plenty to choose from, including veggies. We also feed our pigs a diet of whey.  Whey provides needed lysine in their diets as well as a healthy amount of protein to build those delicious roasts!  They find tons of acorns and apples come fall.  We also provide our pigs with vegetables and fruits, plus the occasional treat!  Our pigs also eat hay and in the winter, when there is no pasture available.