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Hot Italian Red Wine Sausage

I do this one at 80% meat and 20% fat ratio.  It turns out well as both sausage patties and links.  This is spicier than a hot Italian you would buy in the grocery store, but it is how my family likes it.  You can always cut back on the spices if you don’t like it quite so hot.  This is a fresh sausage and this recipe is not designed for smoking.  If you wanted to smoke this recipe you would need to add cure. 

NOTE:   If you do not have a grinder and stuffer, you can use 5 pounds of ground pork, mix in spices and wine and make patties.

Here’s the Ingredients:

 4 pounds pork
1 pound pork fat
1 cup chopped fresh parsley
5 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon ground pepper (I like course grind)
3 teaspoons cayenne
5 tablespoons fennel seed
2 teaspoons crushed red pepper
5 tablespoons paprika
1 cup cold red wine (I put mine in the freezer while I make everything else)

**Make sure meat is cold.(I like to start with meat slightly frozen and fat barely able to be cut.)

Grind meat and fat together through medium grinding plate.

Place ground meat in freezer while you assemble spices.

Mix all spices together in a small bowl and then add red wine to spices. Mix well.

Remove ground meat from freezer and add spice mix. Mix well.

Run through grinder again with medium plate.

I cover sausage mix and place in fridge overnight.  Remove from fridge, mix and either stuff or make patties.

For stuffing we use hog casings.  When making patties we roll in plastic wrap and partially freeze, unroll, slice and freeze patties on parchment paper and wrap so we can take out the exact amount that we want at any time!