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Hang Weight

Hang weight refers to the weight of the pig after scald & scrape, head on, insides removed.

Hang Weight = 72% of the Live Weight

So, using the same pig at a live weight of 250 pounds ...

250 x 72% = 180 pound hanging weight.

What does a half pig look like?

It's sometimes hard to visualize what a half or a whole pig looks like and how much meat that truly is in the end.  Here is a photo of half of a pig that had a hang weight of 287 pounds as a whole pig. each half weighed in at 143.5 pounds.  A whole pig would be double this amount.  The final commercial cuts on this pig was right around 98 pounds for each half, or 196 pounds for the whole pig!  Final weight varies based on your choices.  Boneless cuts weigh less; smoking shrinks meat. 

Live Weight vs Hang Weight vs Final Meat?

Live Weight

Most of the time, the live weight of a pig is estimated by farmers using a tape method.  The accepted calculation is:

Length (inches) x Girth (inches) x Girth (inches) / 400 = Weight (pounds)

So if you measure a pig with a length of 40 and a girth of 50 ...

40 x 50 x 50 / 400 = 250 pound pig.

Commercial Cuts

Commercial cuts are the prime cuts you will receive from the butcher shop.  This does not include oddments, this is just the cuts as you would find in a grocery store.  Note that 30% of the difference between the hang weight and the commercial cuts is edible cuts too.  You will receive oddments unless you choose not to.

Commercial Cuts = 67% of the Hang Weight

So, using the same pig at a hang weight of 180 pounds ...

180 x 67% = 120.6 pounds of commercial cuts.

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